Where the River Runs Through It

I love this feature that allows me to post a thought while still in the experience. Looking over the Alabama River in Montgomery Alabama with my friend Brunies. She lived to be nearly 94. On this particular afternoon we toured the city, especially noting those places important to the Civil Rights Movement. I’ll always miss her but have this memory I posted by phone.

One Reply to “Where the River Runs Through It”

  1. Dear Andrea,

    I am not sure that my earlier posting reached you. I was curious to find out whether you were the one who carried out research at Bakke Graduate University of Ministry focusing on exploring seven competency areas evident in a missional life and how these were being taught and experienced by women in churches. I have just began work with the Pan African Christian Women’s Alliance as the Continental Coordinator and I am keen to explore the possibilty of using these areas to develop a training program for women in Kenya to begin with and then across Africa.

    Please let me know how far you went with it if you are the Andrea Jones Mullins who wrote an email to Judy Mbugua on May 29th 2006.

    I will appreciate your response.



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