A Place of New Birth

New Mexico, an extraordinarily beautiful place with the most color-filled sunsets in the world. Horned toads, Hatch’s chili, the best Mexican food, wide open spaces, mountains and deserts, and the place of my new birth. Flying into this beautiful state renews my energy and I always feel at home. Perhaps that is because this is where I was born again, born anew, and God put in place in my heart and life a change that has transformed my life.

How does He do that, the Creator of the Universe? How is it that He who is sovereign over all things comes to us with such compassion and grace undeserved? How is it that He offers us an opportunity to live every day with purpose, with a reason to get up, and the power to bring hope not only to our lives but to all those we meet or lift up to Him in prayer?

It has been nearly 60 years since He reached out and showed me His love for me. And although through these many years I have failed Him in many ways, He has been faithful to me through it all, never losing sight of me, always finding ways to bless me, allowing me opportunities to do what I would never have dreamed I could do.

What is my destination? I can tell you because it is as sure as life itself. My destination is life, abundant life today and tomorrow, and in the end eternal life with God Himself where all the evils of this world will no longer exist. Life does have a destination and God offers us life with Him. Once we accept His offer we discover the life He created us to have. I pray you’ll choose to join me on this grand journey that ends with an even greater destination!

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