Beyond the Trees

A young friend of mine is a single mother with four children. She lives in poverty, unable to work because of severe pain, ongoing illness, and disability. Even so, she has the courage and strength to fight for her children. She is courageously fighting the bureaucracy to insure her children do not sleep with bedbugs, live with mold, have rats and roaches running through their dreams, and do not  have to play  in running sewage, drug needles in the grass, and daily violence that is outside their door.

I’m humbled by her strength in adversity. She never asks for anything, but is willing to give all she can to her friends and neighbors. She loves everyone and never loses hope that life will get better.

While many see the trees, she sees the sunlight and the fresh blue water on beyond. Discouragement doesn’t rule her day. Instead, she sees God’s goodness and recognizes God’s grace. She tells any who asks that He is her hope. Oh, that we all may learn to see beyond the trees!

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