On a Clear Day

How far can we see? In reality we can’t see beyond this moment. Even on a clear day, even from a mountain top, we only know for sure the reality of this moment. And even in this moment, our understanding is limited. Whatever we might do or say, we are limited in knowing the impact of the moment, and even less the impact we might make on the next moment, the next day, and generations to come. We do not have the foreknowledge to consider what is truly best for the people we love, much less the people of the world.

When we realize what this means, that we are completely time-bound, we begin to understand our need for divine guidance. I want this moment to count. I want this day to have value. And no matter how much I care, only God knows what is best for the world, for the people I love, for me. To act apart from God’s wisdom, to speak apart from God’s heart, is foolishness.

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