Two Years After Sochi

Below the Sochi Olympic Flame

Many of us were mesmerized by the Olympic athletes in Rio, who seem to know no boundary of strength, speed, technique, endurance, and elegance. At times it was as though they could fly, whether on a balance beam, a track, or in a swimming pool!

Both Olympic venues, Sochi and Rio, were fraught with concerns about safety and housing, and numerous other issues. But when the day came, when the athletes arrived, when the spectators began to cheer, all was forgotten. All fears washed away in the excitement of  the International Olympics.

Too often we allow our fears of what could be keep us from doing the things that would bring us the greatest joy. We allow rumors to undermine our enthusiasm. We do it to ourselves, and we do it to others.

The next great adventure waiting for you and me will come with its warnings and its obstacles. But if we step out and follow our heart’s desire, then most assuredly we will discover the amazing view of the world that God has always wanted us to have.

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