Please Stay on the Path

We know there are good reasons to stay on the path. Perhaps there is a safety issue where the path follows along steep precipices. Sometimes the need is to protect wildlife and plants from harm. Staying on the path can be for our protection or a safeguard for someone or something else.

Even so, there times when it is okay to get of the path. When the path leads somewhere we should not go, or cannot go, we need to get off the path. Morally, the path might lead us into darkness. Spiritually, the path might lead us into lostness. Professionally, the path might hinder our effectiveness.

But what if the path goes two directions, and yet we believe either direction is bad for us, our family, our friends, our nation, our world? Then that is when we forge a new path. It may not be a popular path and may take years to clear. Even so, sometimes there is great need for a new path.



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