The Deep Will Have No Hold

He gathered the waters of the sea as in a bottle; He put the deeps in storehouses. Psalm 33:7

Heavenly storehouses are eternal and infinite in their scope. Even the roughest of seas are firmly held in God’s bottle and not a drop will escape His sovereign control. God fears no destroying floods, for His power turns the tides and directs the waves that would overwhelm us. He sees the bottom of the oceans and knows the creatures and the dangers that lurk there. His survey of the depths is perfect in its dimensions. Would that oceanographers had His eyes to see and his knowledge to understand! God has no need of dams or tropical storm warnings.

For the centuries that we have gone to sea, and lighthouses have shown the way, still our ships go down and we drift in darkness. Look over the water, dear soul; do you not see God hemming in the water that tosses you about? Look to Him and find your redeemer! The waves may look high, but as long as you keep your eyes upward, you will see beyond them to the other side.

Sometimes I find that my eyes are fixed on the ebb and flow. I look down and see only gloom beyond the surface, fathomless and lonely. Then the sea breeze touches my cheek. I look up to discover that as far as I can see there are millions of dazzling glittering shimmering lights, where the brilliance of the sun encounters the span of the mer.  My thoughts turn from darkness and defeat to victory and hope! God breaks in to once again show me His truth is indeed triumphant. When the earth goes topsy-turvy and nobody knows which end is up, I nail it all down, I put everything in place again. (Psalm 75, The Message)

As far as the East is from the West does not adequately account for the storehouses where God puts the deep away,  that I might see His face, and I might once again call His name. He is the One from east to west; from desert to mountains, he’s the One. (Psalm 75, The Message) The deep must stay where God holds it. The deep does not choose its place, and where God’s people call on His name, the deep will have no hold.

Our song rings out, “No hold! No hold!” Look across the water and see the Savior!


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