Women are as varied and beautiful as the colors of the autumn leaves. And many of them– many of us– have experienced sexual abuse or at the least unwanted sexual advances. If we as women could sit together and tell our stories, they would likely go on endlessly.

Abuse in any form is not only disgusting, but illegal. We are not allowed to violate one another, or rape each other. We have the right to feel safe and be safe as we go about our lives. And when powerful people use their money to cover up, or pay off, their accusers, it doesn’t make them less guilty. It just means they are crafty and deceitful.

Throughout my life I have walked alongside women who have experienced abuse. Women in homeless shelters, women working in the sex industry,  women who worked with me, women whose loss of self esteem had come close to destroying their lives. No matter how much they are loved, the memories of their experiences with sexual abuse return to haunt them.

When God created a man and a woman, He planned for them to live in a perfect world, to work and play and love and create. But it was mankind who left God, who followed the deceiver rather than Truth, lying to God and giving excuses. The woman was deceived, and the man joined in her deceitfulness. Sin entered the world, and enmity between the sexes was born.

If the Bible is truth, which I believe it is, we are not going to stop sexual abuse. Sexual abuse isn’t about sex, but about hatred, about bullying, about abuse of power. There will always be men (and also women), and those who enable them,  determined to control another human being, and their weapon of choice will be sexual abuse.

At the core of the never-ending problem of sexual abuse is the growing immorality of humanity. Apart from God’s transformation of hearts and souls, we will not see an end. So let us pray for those who abuse, that our Lord will penetrate the hardness of their hearts and bring them to Himself.

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