4 Realities When Seeking Truth

Evangelicals and other Christians are often in the news these days. It appears we are deeply divided at times on the issues and the candidates in this presidential election. I often wonder how we worship the same God and yet have such diverse opinions about what is right. I have friends and family on every side of the issues. My fellow believers are divided, and many of us are frustrated that others view the situation  differently from us. Yet many who love God are turning to Him, seeking to understand the times and what our response should be.

Every election is complex. We know there is no such thing as a perfect platform, nor a perfect candidate. At the same time, we have not faced a time when our nation was more morally and spiritually bankrupt than we are now. Many seek to discern where God is in all this, and at times we fear He has abandoned us completely. But since we know our Lord is always with us, we can rest assured it is worthwhile to listen for His voice. He will help us understand, and He will guide us in how to respond.

As I have struggled with my personal decisions I have found these things to be true.

  1. Answers for any issue may be found in the Bible, whether the topic is poverty, corruption, immorality, marriage, abuse, the economy, politics, the elderly, widows, children, the stranger, and the foreigner. We do not have to wonder how God feels.
  2. Our understanding of the Bible is often flawed. God loves and acts out of perfect love, righteousness, and justice. As believers we interpret the Bible through our imperfect understanding, flawed by sin, and mixed with our personal bias, prejudice, frustration, and experience. We cannot blame God for our decisions, but when we seek His guidance, and humble ourselves to His will, we can go forward assured He is with us and will answer our prayers.
  3. When Christians seek God’s word on current issues we need to be willing to hear His voice.  God’s law and Word stand apart from any organized campaign or group. Candidates and parties may or may not represent God’s law. The Lord will give us insights that may help us decide who or what he would have us support.
  4. This election, or any election, for that matter, isn’t about us. It is about God’s plan for us, for our nation, and for our world. As Jesus often said, He lived only to do His Father’s will, nothing else, and nothing less. We must go to Him to sort out what He is saying from what the world is saying, and what our conflicted hearts are saying. Our only obligation is to God, to do His will, and His will only.

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