I had seen Biserin on The Today Show a few weeks before I left for the International Olympics in Torino, Italy in February, 2006. As a coffee lover, I knew I had to go to the Caffè Al Biserin for this unique experience only found in Turin.

So on a freezing cold day with freezing rain and freezing wind, I managed to explain to a taxi driver that I wanted to go to the cafè with coffee and chocolate. I didn’t know the name and I didn’t speak Italian, but he knew what I wanted.

We arrived at the cafè to see a line of several people standing outside the door, waiting for a table to be available. After a miserable wait of about 30 minutes in the icy rain, it was my turn to get a table. So I invited the young couple from the States standing behind me in line to join me at my table to experience our first Biserin.

Was it worth the wait in the icy rain? Oh, yes, and now these years later I am learning to make it myself. After ordering Italian cocoa, the best chocolate in the world (did you know that Turin is the home of chocolate?), I am learning to make Biserin. A layer of dark Italian chocolate, a layer of dark coffee, and a layer of heavy cream. As the cream and coffee drift down into the chocolate, a taste is born that makes a trip to Turin worth the cost just to experience it.

No matter how cold you are, Biserin is worth the wait.

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