The Raging Nation

Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain? Psalm 2:1 (ESV) 
“Where there is much rage there is generally some folly, and in this case there is an excess of it.” Charles Haddon Spurgeon, The Treasury of David

It’s hard to believe I was living in a cruise ship on the Black Sea when I visited with these Russian women only two years ago. We  didn’t speak each other’s language but we didn’t need to. Our shared lives as women, mothers, grandmothers was all we needed.

A few days after this photo Russia invaded the Ukraine. Around the world nations and people are filled with hatred toward one another. Nations destroy their own people and rage against the nations around them.

And here in my own country anger is fueling a revolt as we go through the political process of electing a new president. But when we act out of rage, when we think we can win through hatred, we will always lose.

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