Starbucks Did Me a Favor


The changes at Starbucks have turned out to be okay. I still love to go there and order a Flat White or some other wonderful coffee concoction. So while I am going to other coffee shops, making my own espresso and flat white at home, I still love Starbucks.  How the incentives add up I am not sure, but realized I really don’t even care. I still love Starbucks.


Visiting the original Starbucks when I was working on my doctorate was on my list of must-dos. To see where it all began was a treat. And through the years, traveling throughout the world, collecting my Starbucks mugs from various countries and cities became a tradition.

I’ve had my Starbucks Gold Card for a long time, and because of that I pass the local coffee shops and the senior coffee at McDonald’s to get my coffee at Starbucks. I like the darkest roast, the boldest taste, as well as a flat white from time to time.

I’ve always considered Starbucks the premiere coffee shop, charging more for a cup of coffee than nearly any other coffee seller. I didn’t mind paying more for a great cup of coffee. And when Starbucks began to give stars for purchases, that made the coffee even sweeter. There have been many times I’ve bought coffee and food for several people, or purchased a large expensive flavored coffee, and I’ve been satisfied to get one star regardless of how much I spent. I didn’t ask Starbucks to give me stars based on my dollars spent.

But now Starbucks has decided that unless I spend at least $5 I won’t get a star. They don’t want customers who only want a cup of coffee. At first I was upset until I realized they have freed me to go to the local coffee shops, to get the senior coffee at McDonald’s (McDonald’s does have good coffee), and to spend less money.

So I’ll finish using my Starbucks gift cards and put my Gold Card away. I’m coming to see you, local coffee shops– Seeds Coffee, O’Henry’s Coffee, Octane Coffee, Church Street Coffee, and right down the street–McDonald’s.

Starbucks has done me a favor. I’ve been freed to discover the great coffees this world has to offer.


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