The Best View in the House

From where He sits enthroned He watches all the inhabitants of the earth—Psalm 33:14

God has the best view in the house, one that encompasses all things and all beings. He watches the newborn and the elderly. He watches the refugee and the captive. He knows, and His seeing brings hope, comfort, and release. The watch of God is powerful. His watch is dynamic and life rescuing.

God watches, looking for the kind, the gentle, and the brave, those who choose to protect the young, care for the elderly, provide for the refugee, and free the captive.

God watches, waiting to see how we will live, what we will choose, how we will respond to His goodness, and how we will respond to the hunger and hurt that surrounds us.

God watches, looking for who we will become, who we will follow, who we will befriend, and who we will seek and love with all our beings.

God watches, determining how He can guide us, how He can save us, how He can love and protect us.

God watches, aware that He has absolute authority, the final plan, the only answer, and the future of every person in His view.

God watches, knowing all along exactly what will happen, the whos and hows and whys of every attitude, every heart, every decision, every action, yet always expecting the best and longing to give the best.

God watches. He sees us individually, personally, intimately, all the time, in all places, in all situations. He watches us through eyes of steadfast love and forgiveness, and compassion and grace. He watches us, expecting to see justice and righteousness. He watches us, to see if we are open to a conversation, to see if we need a helping hand or a healing touch. He watches us, ready to save us from ourselves, ready to embrace us as only a loving Father can do.

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