How many inviting benches have I passed through the years without time to sit? Time to relax, and enjoy the day? From spring through winter, moments came and then were lost, to see what might happen if I slowed down.

The world doesn’t encourage us to sit. Invitations to “do something” come everyday, and rather than protecting our time to sit on the bench, we say “yes.” We are sure we shouldn’t miss the experience, or refuse to serve. And this time of year, I guess we are much like the squirrels, gathering as much as we can before the winter comes.

I’m stopping at the benches more often now. And every time I do, I am grateful for what I see, what I hear, what I feel and think. I am reminded that not everyone has a bench near them. Not everyone is free to sit.

What bench is inviting you these days? Perhaps I’ll see you there.


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