By the Lake

There comes a time when we have to retreat. In these days of heated debate and intense disagreement, we can be left with heavy hearts. We have to remember we “are engaged in a cosmic conflict far greater than wars between nations and ongoing combat against terrorism, crime, and violence.” We know how the conflict will end, but the battles between now and then can be painful.

By the lake I find the quiet to hear, to listen, and to be changed. Sometimes I am comforted. Sometimes I am convicted. But regardless of which it is, I find peace that passes all understanding.

No doubt I wish I could walk by the lake all the time. On a perfect morning when the turtles and geese are celebrating, the breeze is carrying the golden leaves from heaven to earth, and the radiant blue sky is casting it’s shimmering rays on the water, I do not want to leave.

But after a while, there are people I want there with me, the people I love, the people I miss. So we can encourage one another, and together find a way forward.

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