The Invitation to Praise

Rejoice in the Lord, O You righteous. Praise befits the upright. Praise the Lord with the lyre; Make melody to him with the harp of ten strings. Sing to him a new song; Play skillfully on the strings, With loud shouts. Psalm 33:1-3

From before creation God determined who would raise their hands and hearts to Him. He left no doubt who He longed to hear from. God wants to hear from those who call him “Father.” All other praise is secondary compared to the praise that comes from those who know Him in righteousness. As in all else, God did not leave to chance the honor that is due Him.

The righteous are equipped with more ways to express praise than any other of God’s creations. Yes, we are to be still before Him, but we are also to dance and sing and shout. We are to create and build and work and play before Him. We are to comfort and care for and commune before Him. We are to heal and teach and speak and preach before Him. Praise is enlivening! Praise is refreshing! Praise is stirring! Praise draws the righteous to their creator and the Creator responds with graciousness.

What do you have planned for this day? Does your plan include praise? Every plan for every day for every Believer carries with it God’s expectation to be praised. Praise is not for just the early morning or the late night. Praise is a daily lifestyle that only the righteous can live. The righteous are to be about nothing that does not bring praise to God. The highest high-rise or the lowest cotton field is a place of praise. The corporate business meeting and the beauty shop are where the righteous live their praise. Going to a job or staying in the home are activities for praise. Whether this day brings life or death, in both the righteous give glory to God. Whether this day brings suffering or exaltation, the righteous give glory to God.

Praise spills out on those who are watching. Praise is catching. The prison guard will catch it from the singing prisoner. The executive having his shoes polished will catch it from the serving shoeshine man. The schoolteacher will catch it from the faithful student. The reader will catch it from the writer. The husband will catch it from the wife. The child will catch it from the grandparent. The righteous catch it from the Lord!

The faithful might as well decide to shout their praise, for true praise spills out into all aspects of life, revealing the greatness and goodness of God for all to see. Our praise cannot be hidden, for our lives are changed by it. No wonder that the righteous are called to such a magnificent calling–rejoicing and praising the greatness and goodness of God!


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