The Race Is On!

Nothing is more exciting at a Birmingham Baron’s game than the Fast Food Race! On this particular evening the two leaders, Hot Dog and Soft Serve, ran for the season championship. Hot Dog thought he won, but he was disqualified, and Soft Serve became the champ.

In a few days we will cast our votes for the next president. As I reviewed the history of what these two candidates have stood for and against, as well as their current policies and plans, I found the direction they are going to be progressively away from what I believe and value. Also, as my life work has been with the impoverished in our country and around the world, and I live in a community of undocumented workers, I found the policies of these candidates detrimental at every level for dealing with poverty or immigration.

Months ago I began looking for ideas that are truly progressive regarding poverty, the economy, health care, national security, and tax reform. I am also interested in leaders who consider “progressive” as a move toward family values and value of all individuals. It appears the last eight years of leadership have left everyone feeling disenfranchised–the rich and the poor, the young and the old, people of all colors and languages, and people of different faiths. Everyone seems to feel forgotten.

The best platform I have found are those of Speaker Ryan and I am posting the link to these are here.

 A Better Way

A Better Way: Poverty

A Better Way: National Security

A Better Way: The Economy

A Better Way: The Constitution

A Better Way: Health Care

A Better Way: Tax Reform

There is a better way than either of the presidential candidates are offering. I will do all I can to put leaders in place that help achieve the most progressive future for our nation. A Better Way

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