Our nation’s congress has recently signed enhanced religious liberty protection legislation that extends to those with no religious beliefs.

While protection of religious freedom is critical, we have to mourn a nation that is turning its back on God. In the name of inclusion and societal acceptance, we have quit worshiping God except on holidays; we have turned away from Christ’s church; we have tossed aside moral constraints; we have made up our own religions; and we think we know better than God what the world needs.

With 25% of Americans now non-believers, a recent Tribune editorial asks, “What will it mean for the U.S.?” The writer ends his editorial with this statement. “It’s fascinating to watch society evolve. Keep reading the news to detect where America is heading.” For those of us who know God’s love, our hearts can only break for a nation, a society, a people, that chooses to live without God.

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