My Deepest Longing

When I rise up and when I go to sleep, the longing deep within my soul is for those You love and those I love. The greatest gift I can give them is to trust them into Your loving care for their physical needs, their emotional needs, and their spiritual needs.

Father, You are their only hope. I do not know what may stand between them and You, but You know perfectly. You love perfectly. You alone heal perfectly. May they choose You rather than the one who has closed their minds to Truth and Righteousness.

Father, some have heard the Truth, made commitments to the Truth, and then pushed Truth aside. The longer they live apart from You, the harder their hearts become. Turn their hearts back to You while there is still time to redeem the hours.

Father, You know who is living in darkness. Whatever their spiritual need, their emotional brokenness, turn their eyes to the Light. Deliver them from darkness.

You alone give meaning to our lives. May those whom I love understand that it is in Jesus we find out who we are and what we are living for

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