4 Certainties of Fear

Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him. Psalm 33:8

Fear of God is reverence of greatness, of power we cannot attain to, for worthiness that is beyond our own ability to reach. When great people enter the room, we stand. How can our response to God be any less? Fear of God should bring us to our feet before Him in praise and adoration. We stand in our longing to worship as we become aware that God is Someone before all time. We prostrate ourselves before Whom our greatest accomplishments become as naught. We lower our eyes before Him as we see that He is indeed magnificent, unique in every way, far beyond human, embracing all that is divine. Our arms reach up to Him, at once in recognition that He is far above us in majesty, hungering to honor Him, confessing our unworthiness of such divinity. Blessed by his glorious name forever; may his glory fill the whole earth Amen and Amen. Psalm 72:19

Every person is given opportunity to see and fear the greatness of God. He leaves no one untouched or forgotten. He spends the length of every life making His power and glory available, speaking words of love through nature and through His people. The Lord does not unleash the full extent of His power on humankind, for He wants every person to turn to Him for fellowship and forgiveness. He chooses to use His power for good and for merciful interaction. God’s power enables Him to intervene so that our lives are far better than we deserve. Most of the time we are ignorant of His powerful intervention, yet His involvement in our lives is not dependent on our gratitude. God acts from a different set of motives, based on giving rather than getting, on loving unconditionally.

We should stand in awe, fear, the Lord. God is I AM. No words, no acts, nothing in the world of our existence, enables us to comprehend the magnitude of the Lord. We do not have to explain God. He cannot be explained, but He can be experienced. Bow before the One whose character and power and sovereignty are beyond human awareness. Be amazed! The God of the universe is making Himself known to all.

The time will come when all the earth will fear the Lord. The Psalmist words will become reality. Yet now is the time of opportunity. Now is when the world could know the greatness and goodness of the Creator of heaven and earth, of day and night, of land and water. Now is when the earth could know peace and hope, purpose and purity. All that the earth longs for, hungers to experience is available. So the Psalmist pleads, Let all the earth fear the Lord.

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