Praise Befits the Upright


Praise befits the upright.
Psalm 33:1b

Praise is so much more than words. 
His call is to a complete abandonment of self,
all that I am,
to His praise—sing for joy!
Laugh for joy!
Dance for joy!
Celebrate God’s goodness.
Live for His praise.
Give every day and every hour to His praise.
Let every experience become praise.
Let thoughts of Him fill my mind so that
His gracious words and actions pour out into my every decision,
every meeting,
every act of care,
every relationship,
every goal for life.

Praise should affect my behavior and character
as a mother,
as a wife,
as a grandmother,
as a daughter,
as a sister,
as a co-worker,
as a church member—even
as a stranger that others may encounter.

Rejoice, my soul!
Your Lord has made you pure.
He has covered you with His righteousness
as He covers the distant mountains
with His marzipan snow.

Your Lord invites you—no,
He commands you to rejoice in Him!
Say yes to the Lord.
Praise is the most natural response
of one
who has been on her knees in repentance and
has found forgiveness.
Praise is the only right response
to such a miracle of rebirth.
Yes, understand this, my soul.
Praise is the only right response to being made righteous.
Forget about worrying!
Forget about complaining!
Forget about anger!
Forget about your plans for getting more!
The response of the upright is praise!
Worry lines between the eyes relax.
Tension around the mouth loosens.
Blood pressure returns to normal.
The mind ceases racing.
Pessimistic thoughts are replaced with hope.
Negative attitudes are expelled as
the mind is filled with wonder at a God who is so gracious.
Hurtful words are forgotten as
words of praise fill the room.
Joy and peace flood my life and spill out into my day—
praise is the right response of the upright!

Praise is becoming to the upright.
How true, and
how pleasant
to be around a woman
whose life and words are filled with praise!
How uplifting to be around her,
and how encouraging is her testimony.
If only I can remember this when I am tempted
to dwell on those things that have irritated me
or disappointed me.
How pretty is the face whose lips speak blessing
rather than frustration.
Let my face be reflective of God’s goodness!
I have decided that praise is just right down practical.
So you righteous, praise!

Praise befits the upright.


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