Encompassed by The Heavens

By the word of the Lord the heavens were made,
 and all their host by the breath of his mouth.
Psalm 33:6

You, O Lord, are awesome in power. You place the hosts of heavens in place with your fingers. The morning sky belongs to you. The rising sun comes forth on your command. Your hand sees a path for my life, encompassed about by your heavens, your hosts, your power.

I have felt the breath of your mouth. Isn’t that the love that warms my soul? Isn’t that the hope that renews my mind? I have heard your voice in my day.  You speak in gentle words of encouragement. You shout in moments of danger. The same breath, the same voice, that put the heavens in their place break the ordinariness of my life and show me a path that is marvelous in its journey. How good to know my path is always within the scope of your heaven!

Speak to those I love the words they long to hear, the sounds they need for their daily walk. Breath upon their lives, breaking in on their discouragement, their misunderstandings, their frailties. Warm them to your goodness and your wisdom for their decisions and their choices. You know their financial needs, their employment needs, their marital needs, their school needs, their life-path needs, their spiritual needs. Your voice and your breath awaken every part of our earthly lives.

For this day, let your voice and your breath speak through me that I may be your voice to my family and friends. Through me speak your words of encouragement, forgiveness, peace, goodness, and self-control. Through me breath your love and grace into the daily walk of these in my path. I yearn to feel the renewing wind of your Spirit cleansing me of the impurities of thought, action, and attitude.  Sweep me clean of my selfish thoughts, my immoral actions, and ungodly attitudes.

By Your Word, may I live this day.

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