My Hope

I had no idea I had taken a photo of three dolphins jumping until I downloaded my photos to my computer. My camera saw things I wasn’t even aware of! Evidently, my ability to see what is happening is limited, even when the sight is right in front of me.

So I confess my limited sight, my limited insight, foresight, even hindsight. The person I wanted for president, that I believed would be the best for our nation in nearly every respect, didn’t make it to the final race. I wasn’t happy with the choices we were left with. Today, many are grieving, angry, frightened, because of the rhetoric and lifestyle of the new president-elect. Women, immigrants, people of all colors and creeds, the abused, the disabled, and the list goes on. What will happen many cannot imagine. Those who support conservative values, as well as those who are liberal, are concerned about the character of the person elected as our next president. My family and friends are on every side of the issues; some are devastated, and some are rejoicing.

Which brings me to my hope. It was difficult for me to understand why a person like Kaine decided to run with Clinton, and a person like Pence agreed to run with Trump. I couldn’t comprehend why these two men, evidently men of high regard, would choose to come alongside the chosen candidates. I prayed for this electoral process, and I couldn’t understand why it went as it went.

Even so, scripture confirms that God is always ahead of us. God works in ways we do not understand. He is sovereign over nations, peoples, and even leaders. How He regards the citizens of our nation, those who voted from Clinton, those who voted for Trump, those who voted for a 3rd party, and those who didn’t vote at all, I have no idea.

But history shows that God does some interesting things that cannot be explained except as God’s divine planning. One of these is to call godly men and women to positions of power alongside evil leaders.

Joseph was brought to Pharaoh’s court as a slave, and the Lord lifted him to become the right-hand man to this cruel leader who enslaved the Israelites. The power and influence of Joseph was a divine intervention, a plan of God that neither Pharaoh nor any other person could imagine nor stop.

David was brought into the court of Saul, a king who turned away from God and failed his people miserably. But David was anointed by God’s Spirit to influence the king and his court in ways that only God could orchestrate.

Daniel served King Belshazzar, a king the Bible describes as someone of failed moral character, a drunkard, an adulterer, a worshiper of idols, a hater of all that pleased God. Daniel’s impact on the king, his court, and his nation was the work of God alone.

So, today, I am grateful for the godly man elected to be the Vice President. I am grateful for every godly person serving in our national legislature.

I confess, Lord, I have failed to pray for our leaders as I should. I often get frustrated with their actions, and far too seldom does my frustration become a prayer for God’s will. This election cycle has reminded me of the great need for the Church to get involved, to pray, to act, to stand for what we believe, and to live in a way that honors God in our nation and in our world.

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