4 Reflections for Autumn

The season is changing. The leaves are falling. The temperature is dropping. The colors are turning. And this fall, a new president will be elected. As we listen to the candidates speak, or read about their policies, it is often like looking at a reflection on a lake. It’s appears to be solid and reliable, but in truth, what we see isn’t a solid foundation on which to build our nation or our lives. And no amount of research can reveal the actual thoughts of a candidate, or the actions they will take after elected.

Even as the reflection on a lake continues to change, so also does history reveal that once someone has been put in office they seldom act or do exactly as they told us they would do. But for each of us who will cast our vote for one or the other, or for no one on the ballot, there are 4 reflections to consider.

  1. We can choose to be true to ourselves. The values of a candidate or a nation do not have to be our values. We can walk a different path, even if it is an uncomfortable path, a misunderstood path, a path on which few choose to go. We do not have to bend because others say we must.
  2. We can choose to be concerned for our family, our friends, and even strangers. The decisions we make are greater than ourselves. The future for our children is our concern. The hope of our friends is our accountability. The needs of strangers looking for a new life are our responsibility.
  3. We can choose to be involved in making the changes we know are needed. We are not passive participants, powerless to make an impact. We can speak and write and encourage and vote and get involved in making our homes, our communities, and our world a better place.
  4. We can choose to pray for whomever is voted into office. The options look dismal at times, but regardless of who is in office, we have the advantage because we have the power of prayer. Prayer changes people, situations, attitudes, vision, understanding, relationships, and brings hope where there was no hope.

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